Four poets, different backgrounds, now in York. Charli's from N. Ireland (The Irish One), Rose (The American One), from Miami then Connecticut, Alan (The Posh Brit) has lived everywhere and Laurence (The Young Angry Brit) holds the Government to account. Charli and Laurence remind us to care; with humour. Rose and Alan have hosted York Spoken Word open mic since January 2006, which is one of the longest continually running open mics in England.

Rose Drew TEDx Pocklington

Shouty, political, surprisingly short for such a big mouth. Anthropologist, archaeologist, performer, book publisher, lecturer, and mum to cool ASD daughter (and the D stands for Difference, not Disorder). Studies human skeletons and wonders why humans pretend we're all so different, when really, we're not.


Poet, writer, composer, and singer well known throughout the North East. His most recent book is 'Beyond the Window' (Fighting Cock Press); he has a following as a music and art critic and is known for his lyrical style based on internal structures. His observational poetry often highlights injustice and institutional irresponsibility.


Passionate, humorous rap poet who works in the care industry. Laurence is sometimes shouty, sometimes with a quiet intensity, always filled to the top with shy humanity. Once rapped about a childhood stuffed toy; Eminem ain't talking about that.


Originally from Northern Ireland, Charli's poetry is inspired by her crazy family, Northern Irish history and culture, faith and things which make her angry. She has been writing since childhood but only started performing about 3 years ago. She tends to describe her poetry as 'vomit on a page'.